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Things I do professionally

I've been writing code since 2010 when I got my first laptop from school. Since then, I've taught myself a lot, learned a lot from professional application, and taken four years of university in software development. I especially enjoy working with startups in the early stages of development, where the quick pace means frequency opportunities for big improvements.

An adorable dog

How I spend my free time

Like most people, I like experiencing variety through travel, food, music, and film, especially together with my wife, Ida.

A lot of my time is spent with my dog, Moxie. I'm fortunate to live near fields where she can chase balls, and lakes where we can swim.

I enjoy playing strategy games, primarily chess and grand strategy. If you're going to the next PDXCon, I'll probably see you there!

My primary creative outlet is tinkering with code. You can see some of my projects on this website. I like to relate my projects with whatever I'm most interested at the moment, which results in a diverse and unpolished set of results. Interacting with a broad spectrum of fields is intellectually rewarding, and gives a solid advantage in trivia contests.

Other than that, I fill my time with podcasts, D&D, and playing the banjo.

A map of New Mexico and København

Where I am in the world

I've lived near Copenhagen since 2016. Before that, I lived in New Mexico and Maine, in the good ol' US of A.

joe@joedean.dev linkedin.com/in/joe-dean-dev/
Email me at Skriv til mig joe@joedean.dev , or connect viaeller via LinkedIn.



I build solutions with software across all parts of the stack.

Jeg bygger løsninger med software på tværs af hele stack'en.

Programming has been my passion since elementary school, and over the years, it has been a hobby, an education, a volunteer opportunity, and a career. I believe that a skillful developer learns the best tool for each job, and approaches everything as a puzzle to be solved. I believe that a good team is the foundation of a strong software stack, and that communication is the key to collaboration. Software development is the means through which I do what I love most: bringing new ideas into the world.

Programmering har været min passion siden folkeskolen, og gennem årene har det været min hobby, min uddannelse, mit frivilligjob og min karriere. Jeg mener, at en dygtig udvikler lærer at benytte det bedste værktøj til hver opgave og tackler ethvert problem som et puslespil, der skal løses. For mig er et godt hold fundamentet for en stærk stack, og kommunikation nøglen til samarbejde. Softwareudvikling er midlet til at gøre det, jeg elsker allermest: at give nye idéer liv.

Work ExperienceArbejdserfaring

Tech Lead, PentaLock (2022-)

Architected and implemented Android/iOS app. Included development of cross-platform UI built with Flutter, Kotlin Multiplatform library for Bluetooth and REST API communication, and cloud-native web server built with Ktor and hosted on Google Cloud Platform. As technical lead of the digital development team, organized Agile sprints, performed code reviews, and delegated development tasks.

Udviklede Android/iOS app og designede tilhørende arkitektur. Ansvarsområder inkluderede udvikling af cross-platform UI bygget med Flutter, Kotlin Multiplatform-bibliotek til Bluetooth og REST API-kommunikation, og cloud-native webserver bygget med Ktor og hostet på Google Cloud Platform. Som teknisk leder af det digitale udviklingsteam, organiserede jeg Agile sprints, udførte code reviews og uddelegerede udviklingsopgaver.

Full Stack DeveloperUdvikler, Sensae (10 monthsmåneder, 2021-2022)

Developed device companion app in React Native (Typescript & Swift) for device interaction over Bluetooth. Designed system architecture for scalable backend on Google Cloud Platform. Developed backend systems for data storage and processing. Maintained and improved embedded firmware in Rust. Lead software development in a small team by making technical decisions, assisting research and data science teams, and hiring specialized professionals.

Udviklede app i React Native (Typescript & Swift) til enhedsinteraktion over Bluetooth. Designede systemarkitektur til skalerbar backend på Google Cloud Platform. Udviklede backend-systemer til datalagring og processering. Videreudviklede firmware i Rust. Ledte et lille team af softwareudviklere gennem teknisk beslutningstagen, støtte af datavidenskabelige indsatser, og ansættelse af specialiserede udviklere.

Student AssistantStudentermedhjælper, Rambøll Danmark (3 yearsår, 2018-2021)

Designed and developed data collection and analysis methods for improving reliability of railway infrastructure. Automated the interpretation and presentation of georadar data using Python, increasing product quality and reducing the labor cost of the project by more than half. Developed web application to improve health and safety during field work, using Django and Javascript. Interpreted geophysical data from sources including georadar, borehole samples, and maritime sonar.

Designede og udviklede metoder til dataindsamling og analysemetoder til forbedring af pålideligheden af jernbaneinfrastruktur. Automatiserede fortolkning og præsentation af georadardata med Python, hvilket øgede produktkvaliteten og mere end halverede arbejdsomkostningerne for projektet. Udviklede webapplikation til forbedring af sikkerhed under feltarbejde med Django og Javascript. Fortolkede geofysiske data fra bl.a. georadar, borehulsprøver og maritimsonar.

Intern DeveloperPraktikant Udvikler, Get Louis (3 monthsmåneder, 2021)

Lead a team of 4 other interns in designing and developing a web platform. Designed the system architecture using Django Rest Framework on the project backend, and React on the frontend. Deployed the system to an Ubuntu server on DigitalOcean using Docker. Managed DevOps for the team.

Ledte et hold på fire andre praktikanter i design og udvikling af en webplatform. Designede systemarkitekturen med Django Rest Framework på projektets backend og React på frontenden. Implementerede systemet på en en Ubuntu-server hos DigitalOcean med Docker. Administrerede DevOps for teamet.

OperatorOperatør, Etch A/S (9 monthsmåneder, 2017-2018)

Fabricated precise metal components, including operation and maintenance of machinery, manual assembly of pieces, and packaging of finished products.

Fabrikation af præcise metalkomponenter, herunder drift og vedligeholdelse af maskineri, manuel samling af komponenter og pakning af færdige produkter.

Volunteer ExperienceFrivilligerfaring

Chairman of the BoardBestyrelsesformand, Nybrogård Kollegiet (2022-)

Represented >600 residents and coordinated long-term operations at the dormitory, including budget planning and approval, facility maintenance, improving grounds' biodiversity, and terms of residence. Managed frequent communication and cooperation with subordinate organizations and the municipality. Additionally served as vice-chair of the residents' association since 2019, which required organizing and running meetings every month.

Repræsenterede >600 beboere og koordinerede langsigtede operationer på kollegiet, herunder budgetplanlægning og -godkendelse, vedligeholdelse af faciliteter, forbedring af grundens biodiversitet og opholdsvilkår. Håndterede hyppig kommunikation og samarbejde med underordnede organisationer og kommunen. Derudover holdt stilling som næstformand i beboerforeningen siden 2019, herunder planlægning og afholdelse af møder hver måned.

NetgroupNetgruppen, Nybrogård Kollegiet (2020-)

Developed and maintained dormitory’s website and network management systems. Other responsibilities include maintenance of network hardware and troubleshooting for residents.

Udviklede og vedligeholdt kollegiets hjemmeside og netværksstyringssystemer. Andre ansvarsområder omfattede vedligeholdelse af netværkshardware og fejlfinding for beboere.

VolunteerFrivillig, Coding Pirates Furesø (11 monthsmåneder, 2017-2018)

Taught programming to children 8-15. Participated in founding the local chapter. Designed season-long lesson plans and coached students directly. Curriculum focused on building a server and website on a Raspberry Pi.

Undervist i programmering til børn 8-15. Deltog i stiftning af lokalafdeling. Designede sæsonlange lektionsplaner og coachede eleverne direkte. Læreplan fokuserede på at bygge en server og hjemmeside på en Raspberry Pi.


Academy Profession Degree in Computer ScienceDatamatiker, Copenhagen School of Design and TechnologyKøbenhavns Erhversakademi (2.5 yearsår, 2017-2019)

Courses covered software development using Java and C++, system design and UML, iterative development methods including Scrum and Agile, mobile and web development.

Kurserne dækkede softwareudvikling ved brug af Java og C++, systemdesign og UML, iterative udviklingsmetoder inklusive Scrum og Agile, mobil- og webudvikling.

Professional Bachelors in Software DevelopmentProfessionsbachelor i softwareudvikling, Copenhagen Business AcademyCPHBusiness (1.5 yearsår, 2020-2021)

Courses covered large-scale software development, database design, discrete mathematics, research and development.

Kurser dækkede softwareudvikling på professionel skala, databasedesign, diskret matematik, og forskning & udvikling.


Languages: English (native), Danish (fluent)

Sprog: Engelsk (modersmål), Dansk (flydende)

Programming LanguagesProgrammeringssprog: Python, Kotlin, HTML/CSS/JS/TypeScript, Rust, Dart, Java

Frameworks & ToolsVærktøj: Linux, Docker, Google Cloud Platform, Django, Flask, Flutter, Ktor, React, React Native, Sass, Git & GitHub, React Native, Nginx, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Spring Boot, Jenkins

Development Fields: Full-stack web development, iOS & Android mobile development, DevOps, desktop programs, data analysis

Udviklingsområder: Full-stack webudvikling, iOS & Android mobiludvikling, DevOps, desktop programmer, dataanalyse

Other: Bluetooth, spreadsheets, technical writing, UX & design

Andet: Bluetooth, regneark, teknisk skrivning, UX & design