Hi, I'm Joe

A picture of me

Things I do professionally

I've been writing code since 2010 when I got my first laptop from school. Since then I've taught myself a lot, learned a lot from professional application, and taken four years of university in software development. I love making useful, well-designed things, and finding new ways to accomplish that goal.

An adorable dog

How I spend my free time

Like most people, I like experiencing variety through travel, food, music, and film. Presently, though, I'm enjoying an increasing familiarity with home.

A lot of my time is spent with my dog, Moxie. I'm fortunate to live near fields where I can throw balls for her, and lakes where we can go for swims.

I'm very interested in Paradox games, which I have been playing for several years. I find them to be a delightful intersection of strategy and history. If you're attending the next PDXCon, let me know!

My primary creative outlet is tinkering with code. You can see some of my projects on this website. I like to relate my projects with whatever I'm most interested at the moment, which results in a diverse and unpolished set of results. Interacting with a broad spectrum of fields is intellectually rewarding, and gives a solid advantage in trivia contests.

Other than that, I fill my time with linguistics, history, podcasts, and flags.

An adorable dog

Where I am in the world

I've lived near Copenhagen since 2016. Before that, I lived in New Mexico and Maine, in the good ol' US of A.

Email me at joe@joedean.dev, or connect via LinkedIn.



I am a full-stack developer with experience in several domains and technologies.

I work with systems at every part of the stack. Since I was 12 years old, I've written code as a hobby, education, volunteer opportunity, and career. I am a driven self-starter who excels in learning new skills and adapting to new environments. I thrive on finding innovative solutions to practical problems, and am always seeking new challenges.

Work Experience

Intern Developer, Get Louis (2021)

Lead a team of 4 other interns in designing and developing a web platform. Designed the system architecture using Django Rest Framework on the project backend, and React on the frontend. Deployed the system to an Ubuntu server on DigitalOcean using Docker. Managed DevOps for the team.

Studentermedhjælper, Rambøll Danmark (2018-2021)

Designed and developed data collection and analysis methods for improving reliability of railway infrastructure. Automated the interpretation and presentation of georadar data, increasing product quality and reducing the labor cost of the project by more than half. Developed web application to improve health and safety during field work. Interpretation of geophysical data from sources including georadar, borehole samples, and maritime sonar.

Operatør, Etch A/S (2017-2018)

Production of precise metal components, including operation and maintenance of machinery, manual assembly of pieces, and packaging of finished products.

Volunteer Experience

Netgroup, Nybrogård Kollegiet (2020-)

Leading redesign and development of the dormitory’s website and network management systems. Other responsibilities include maintenance of network hardware and troubleshooting for residents.

Volunteer, Coding Pirates Furesø (2019-2020)

Taught programming to children 8-15. Designed season-long lesson plans and coached students directly. Curriculum focused on building a server and website on a Raspberry Pi.


Københavns Erhversakademi: Academy Profession Degree in Computer Science (2017-2019)

Courses covered software development using Java and C++, system design and UML, iterative development methods including Scrum and Agile, mobile and web development. Final project used machine learning to interpret ground-penetrating radar data to identify subterranean objects.

Copenhagen Business Academy: Professional Bachelors in Software Development (2020-2021)

Courses covered large-scale software development, database design, discrete mathematics, research and development. Due to graduate in summer of 2021.


Languages: English (native), Danish (fluent)

Programming Languages: Python (expert), HTML/CSS/JS (expert), Java (proficient), C# (proficient), Rust (competent)

Frameworks and Tools: Django (expert), Flask (expert), React (expert), Nginx (proficient), Docker (proficient), MongoDB (proficient), PostgreSQL (proficient), Node.js (proficient), Spring Boot (proficient), Jenkins (competent)

Development Fields: Full-stack web development, DevOps, Android apps, desktop programs, data analysis, task automation

Other: Microsoft Office, technical writing, translation and proofreading, UX design, graphical design