Joe's Four-Part Guac

Here's your four ingredients: ripe avacadoes, diced apples, juice from a lime, and salt. That's it.

Scoop out the avacados into a mixing bowl. Squeeze the lime into it. Mash the avacados. Throw in the salt and stir it a bit. Then dice the apple and stir that in as well.

The ratio of ingredients is up to personal taste, but I find that three avacados, one apple, one lime, and a half teaspoon of salt makes a good batch for two people.

Texture is as important as flavor, and the best way to ruin your texture is to mash the avacados wrong. Made sure they're nice and soft (the lime juice can help with this), and then use two forks or a potato masher. The best texture is smooth, with small chunks. If you're using a mixer, you're doing it wrong.

Goes great inside a burrito, or with some quality nachos.

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